24.7.22 Kultur bei Winzer*innen – Ines Schüttengruber und Albin Paulus zu Gast in der Domäne Baumgartner


The dialogue shapes the overall idea: once original literature, once improvisational. In doing so, Ines Schüttengruber and Albin Paulus explore new paths for a lively, contemporary and at the same time historically informed interpretation, free of dogmas and with plenty of room for new ideas and sounds. You can hear Renaissance dances, artful Baroque compositions, virtuoso concerti and entertaining pieces from the Classical period by Purcell, Corette and other composers from Lower Austria such as Johann Heinrich Schmelzer or Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, whose unique Jew's Harp Concerto will be heard. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Programm am 24.7.2022:
18:00: Welcoming
18:30: Guided tour of the winery with wine tasting, dinner
20:00: Dialogues by Henry Purcell, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger and others interpreted by Ines Schüttengruber (piano) and Albin Paulus Jew's harp, bagpipes, clarinet and other wind instruments).
21:00: End

Included services:
Guided tour through Austria's largest winery
Wine tasting through the range of the Baumgartner domain (7 wines)
Dinner from "Pulkautaler"
Culture Act


Includes 20% MwSt.